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From pre-sales engineering to post-sales maintenance and support; PCM Solutions designs, implements, and manages custom IT solutions, with the goal of making IT easy. Although new to the UK market, our in house experts have over 30 years of experience in service delivery and we offer a comprehensive portfolio of solutions and services delivered with a proven track record of outstanding quality and excellent technical expertise. We provide a full range of business IT solutions consisting of both leading vendor and bespoke, in-house developed products and services. High level vendor accreditation with additional key industry partners including Dell EMC, HPE, VMWare, and Microsoft and, with a proven track record of outstanding quality of services and excellent technical expertise, we are amongst the UK’s Leading Business IT Solutions Providers and Independent Systems Integrators. Whatever your business requirements are, PCM Solutions can help.



We deliver dynamic, robust and resilient solution that are both futureproof and scalable, ensuring that we always achieve the best possible outcome for our customer’s business. Our specialist team have the highest accreditations and many years of experience in designing and deploying both simple and complex IT Solutions.




  • Our Solutions are both futureproof and scalable ensuring that we always achieve the best possible outcome for our customer’s business.
  • Our specialist team have the highest accreditations and many years of experience in designing and deploying both simple and complex IT Solutions.
  • Our customers can leverage our experience and benefit by getting access to technical expertise that their budget may not otherwise allow; or alternatively, outsource and see significant cost savings as they no longer need to pay for expensive training or recruitment of high salaried engineers.
  • We select the right solution for our customer’s business needs by determining their exact requirements and taking into account technical features, reliability, warranties and support.
  • We leverage our strong strategic relationships to ensure we are providing our customers with the best pricing available.
  • We adopt best in class Project and Service Management methodologies including ITIL

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Moving to the cloud offers big benefits, but comes with some big questions, big opportunities, and big decisions. Is your business ready? A successful journey to cloud includes planning and partnership. Understanding each step is key. PCM Cloud offerings are primarily centered around Backup as a Service, Disaster Recovery as a Service, Platform as a Service, Server/Endpoint monitoring and management. All of these are delivered from our own Data Centres. We can also supply public cloud offerings such as Office 365, Azure and VMWare. The Cloud Offers organisations big and small unprecedented access to Enterprise class services & infrastructure that drives improved scalability, enhanced security, and increased productivity. There are countless ways for your business to leverage the power of the cloud and PCM can provides your organisation with world class services to accelerate your Cloud strategy.

Data Centre

Today's high-density, consolidated, converged or virtualised data centre is a complex environment. Every decision in the data centre is critical and mistakes can be costly. Our Data Centre offerings encompass high performance Compute, Storage, Networking or Hyper Converged Infrastructure (HCI) and we partner with key vendors in these areas: Cisco, Dell EMC, HPE, Lenovo, Brocade, Nutanix for hardware/HCI. Along with VMWare, Microsoft and Citrix for software. PCM have invested in pre-sales, design, implementation, configuration and support skills in these vendors. By being able to provide a full end-to-end solution, we are able to add significant value to the solution we deliver for our customers with our professional services, management and support services. Our customers can enjoy less risk by using a PCM solution as we take full responsibility for the suitability of the design. Our goal is to make sure you are taking advantage of the latest technology available and maximise your spend to gain the greatest efficiency and performance. PCM’s experts will engage with you and your team to architect the ideal configuration to meet your needs, including hardware, software and services. We have experience with the latest technologies and leverage best-practices, certified experienced engineers and compliance guidelines to help ensure your mission critical applications are available, manageable and scalable.


The speed at which hackers are creating new techniques is unprecedented, which means that your security strategy needs to evolve just as aggressively. Yet, the complex evolution of security solutions designed to address various threats has made developing and managing your security posture progressively more challenging—there are more tools available than can be counted. We understand that customers are facing many challenges securing their data. With ever increasing regulatory demands such as GDPR, Cyber Essentials and ISO27001, it is more important than ever to have robust security policies. Mobility, cloud, third-party access, digital workspaces and the IoT are completely changing the nature of the threat universe. With the increase in cyber crime such as Ransomware and hacking, the risks of significant data loss are ever increasing. This can lead to heavy fines from regulators, loss of intellectual property and public relations disasters that can be very damaging to an organisation. At PCM, we are here to help. Our security services fit into three distinct categories: Perimeter, Endpoint and Services. We have leading technology in our portfolio from Cisco, Sophos and Barracuda and work with several key partner organisations as well as our in house PCM Managed Services. Your business needs a security partner who can provide current, practical advice in developing, implementing, and optimising your security architecture. Our team of experts here at PCM will ensure we provide you with an intelligent and robust solution.


Your network is the critical infrastructure which must provide the scale, resiliency, quality of service and security to connect your end point devices to information so your business outcomes can be achieved. We have a strong Networking practice here at PCM with a comprehensive offering, great skillset and strategic partnership with Cisco/Meraki, HPE Aruba, Extreme and Dell EMC. In addition to the main network vendors, we also have key vendor partners for other areas including Ruckus and Ubiquiti for WiFi, partners to provide WAN solutions such as point to point circuits, DSL and internet connectivity, and a number of SD-WAN providers such as Cisco, VMWare and Barracuda. PCM’s networking practice is built on a lifecycle methodology, which delivers success. Our team of architects can help you assess your existing infrastructure, design a network to meet your future needs, successfully implement it with certified project managers and manage it to lower your operational cost. Our experts are ready to provide network solutions to your exact specifications. Sit back, relax, and let PCM handle the rest.

Digital Workplace

Digital Workplace encompasses any technology that an employee would come into contact with on a day to day basis to help them carry out their job function. It is the technology working environment of your staff and ranges from core business applications, HR, payroll and expenses systems, to e-mail, instant messaging and virtual meeting tools. To enhance knowledge sharing and forge productive business relationships, businesses need to provide employees with the tools they require to collaborate and communicate. As the workplace continues to evolve, employee expectations are shifting and organisations that do not embrace the digital workplace risk falling behind. As its definition is quite broad, including Communications (PBX, Collaboration, VoIP, AV equipment), Endpoint technologies, (tablets, screens, mobile device management), security tools (Anti Virus solutions), Virtual Desktops (VDI) and application software, your business needs a partner equipped with comprehensive offerings. PCM have an extensive history and proven track record in this area and our toolsets are ideally suited to this market. By partnering with PCM, we will support you through all phases of your Digital Workplace Transformation, from assessing and building your strategy through implementing and supporting a solution.


Our approach to delivering the right solution


IT consultancy is the best way to get the expertise you need without having to employ a large, expensive and permanent team. Our PCM Consultants work closely with you to define and articulate your future business outcomes and then maximise the effectiveness and impact of your information technology. This helps you to meet your business objectives and solve problems.

The design stage is the detailed process we work through to produce a customised solution which fully aligns with your expectations in terms of performance, reliability, manageability, durability and cost.

Implementation begins with us configuring technology so that it is customised to meet your needs. Hardware and software components with advanced features will be deployed as per the detailed design and scope of works agreed at the consultancy and design stage. Our skilled and experienced team also test each piece of equipment prior to installation to ensure that it will deliver against the most demanding of workloads. Once the configuration is complete, we move to the delivery and integration phase of the process. Planned like a military operation, our team install the solution with the absolute minimum of disruption and within a designated timescale. Depending on your operational requirements, this can either be done outside of core business hours or it can be phased in order to minimise business impact.


PCM can provide ongoing monitoring and management to ensure that all of your critical systems are running efficiently. Our remote service can detect, diagnose and in some cases resolve network problems before they cause costly downtime. Our monitoring systems continuously report back to our experienced team of engineers, who carry out an analysis in order to manage and mitigate any negative impact. Some features and benefits of the monitoring and management services we can provide are:

  • Remote monitoring services are available worldwide, 24x7x365.
  • Continuous monitoring checks all vital aspects of the solution to pro-actively and pre-emptively support your infrastructure – this approach is designed to detect and avoid problems before they become expensive outages,
  • We will proactively manage any and all issues or updates that require resolution and ensure that any business impact is minimised.
  • We can provide on-going system recommendations that will enable you to meet their ever-changing business needs and see a maximum return on their hardware and software investments.
  • With our monitoring and management service we can:
    • Remotely lock and wipe lost devices
    • Locate lost devices
    • Automatically install patch updates across your network
    • Enforce corporate web policies when mobile users are in hotspots
    • Manage antivirus protection with a daily automated scan
    • Advise customers of any network device or service outage
  • Dependent on your requirements, our monitor and manage service is available as part of our solutions lifecycle, or it can be adopted independently as an add-on to an existing solution.


Having the right IT Support for your business is critical for success. Whether you choose to have in-house support, or to outsource, PCM can provide an option for you. This can be to cover everything from unforeseen absence, through to the provision of specialist technical assistance, shipping spare parts or additional support during a project or roll out.

Some examples of the support we can provide are:

  • 24x7x365 support services which can be provided remotely or on site.
  • Multilingual service desk.
  • Telephone, email, chat or face to face access to our highly qualified support team.
  • Support cases are raised through a ticketing system managed by our in-house Service Desk and Technical Assistance Centre.
  • For companies who already have an in-house team, we can provide an extension service, whereby we work in collaboration with their existing team to cover hours outside the normal working day.
  • Hardware and Software support available
  • Support can be provided in direct partnership with the manufacturers.
  • Our break-fix service resolves unexpected hardware failures and ensures our customer’s organisation is up and running again as soon as possible.
  • You only ever receive the most tried and tested of software for your critical network systems.
  • Support can be provided as either an ongoing managed service or as a professional service on an ad-hoc basis. Should you require ad-hoc services, we can provide them with Service Credits which enable you to budget for engineering services up front and redeem the credits as and when they are needed.
  • We also provide “360 Support” which combines your critical system warranties into one unified support service. This “bridges the gaps” between the responsibilities of each vendor meaning you experience a seamless and hassle-free support service.
  • We can provide “End of Life” support to extend the lifecycle of your hardware past the shelf life offered by the vendor.

Advances in technology mean that new opportunities appear all the time. PCM Enhance will help you to ensure your IT infrastructure keeps up with the ever-changing demands of your business. During this process, we will help you to maximise the efficiency of your IT estate by reviewing the existing solution, identifying improvements and optimising the performance of your systems. This allows you to achieve true agility and to adapt to change, resulting in positive business outcomes.