Hewlett Packard Enterprise UH745E installation service

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Installation of ProLiant Add On/In Options Service

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| SKU: UH745E | EAN: 4053162101746 | MANUFACTURER: Hewlett Packard Enterprise

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Features and Benefits

HP Install ProLiant Add On/In Option SVC - Options for ProLiant Servers and Storage - Install ProLiant Add On/In Option (per event) per product tech data sheet Std Bus hrs/days excl HP holidays

- Avoidance of problems caused by an infrastructure that is not at the current revision level • Improved performance through regular Proactive Scans to help ensure that systems are configured consistently with HP best practices.
- Reduction of incidents by anticipating issues through real-time monitoring of the environment and case history trend reporting Through the availability to purchase options, Proactive Care helps you by providing:.
- Increased accountability and personalization through the assignment of an account support team that will provide support planning and reviews • Maximize return on IT assets through performance and availability analysis.
- Simplified operations from fully utilizing management software • Flexible resourcing through access to skills on demand that can help with peak workload and project requirements.

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EAN 4053162101746
Technical details
Manufacturer Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Reviews No
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