Total People powered by vSTAX Control

Jul 10, 2018

Customer: Total People

Industry: Education and Training

Requirement: Controlling and Managing a Mobile IT Environment


Total People is one of the largest providers of work based learning in the North West. As an organisation, they employ over 1,800 people to support 4,500 learners across multiple locations including Cheshire, Staffordshire, Shoropshire and Derbyshire. 

Total People are committed to ensuring that their staff are invested in, by providing an internal network of support to ensure that everybody can carry out their job role effectively.

Increasing Mobility of the Total People Network

To further improve their service to learners, Total People were looking to issue Training Advisors with laptops and devices which would support electronic portfolios and online testing. This increase in mobility represented a different way of working across the organisation, as well as initiating a large increase in the volume of mobile equipment which would be used. This change raised a number of issues including IT security and IT support.

Existing procedures, in terms of IT Management, involved equipment health checks, where laptops and devices were physically brought to IT staff to be monitored and maintained. Because of the huge increase in the volume of mobile devices being used, Total People were looking to take on an additional member of staff to cope with the demand. In addition to this, the organisation was faced with a problem in terms of providing support to Training Advisors when they were off site, as well as monitoring software and securing web access to protect both the users and the network. Laptop health checks simply did not address these issues, therefore a more manageable solution was required.

Single Point IT Management with vSTAX Control.

vSTAX Control is a fully managed, outsourced service which allows small and medium sized organisations to take full control of their IT environment, even when users are off site. This integrated system makes it possible to remotely access devices, monitor software, update patches and control corporate web policies. By using Cloud Technology, all IT monitoring and control can take place virtually, without the need for mobile workers to visit physical office locations.

By choosing vSTAX Control, Total People were able to implement a cost effective solution across their organisation.

Results and Benefits:

Increased Support

Because Learning Advisors originate from many different industries, IT skills are varied. By using remote access and being able to remotely transfer files, the IT team have been able to offer Learning Advisors a greater level of support.

Time Saving

By using vSTAX Control to automate software updates and patch updates, the time needed to carry out laptop health checks has reduced by at least half. 

Cost Saving

Due to a large increase in the volume of mobile equipment for Training Advisors, if Total People carried on with the existing procedures of equipment health checks, they would have needed to take on an additional member of staff to cope with the demand. By using the facilities offered by vSTAX Control, Total People no longer require an additional staff member, which represents a significant saving in budget and resources. 


By having the ability to monitor and control all mobile devices across the organisation , Total People are now able to protect their users from inappropriate websites, even when they are using hotspots or other external wifi connections.


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