The Top 5 Best Things About Upgrading to Flash Storage

Jun 20, 2018

Performance demands on business data centers only continue to grow, while operating budgets and physical space allocations increasingly shrink. According to IDC, the number of companies investing in all-Flash Storage systems expanded to a whopping 76% in 20162. As a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Platinum Partner, we can illuminate the key reasons why so many companies are leaving behind legacy disk-based systems and moving to an all-flash storage environment featuring the HPE 3PAR StoreServ solution, powered by Intel® Xeon® processors.

1. The Ultimate In Speed

The velocity at which data can be read from or written to flash-based storage is now measured in increasingly small fractions of a millisecond. It’s incredibly fast: at least 100 times faster than traditional hard disk drives3. That means applications that rely on heavy input/output operations get an instant acceleration boost. And with such significant gains in throughput and bandwidth, new big data capabilities such as real-time analytics processing are now within the reach of small and midsized companies.

2. Significant Cost Savings

Flash solid-state devices (SSDs) have no moving parts. With no spindle motors and mechanical parts to drive, energy consumption can be up to 50% less than that of legacy systems4. Add to that the large gains in effective storage capacity, which includes the ability to store several times more data in a given volume than on an all-disk system as a result of deduplication and compression functions built into flash-based storage.

3. Safety and Security Advantages

Because the data in flash storage is nonvolatile memory that’s designed to be electronically erased and rewritten, the data isn’t lost if systems unexpectedly lose power. This gives you a significant disaster recovery advantage over legacy disk systems. Flash storage’s deduplication and compression capabilities also make it easier to replicate and store data backups, adding another layer of safety. And the increased transactional speeds enabled by flash storage accelerate data security analytics, letting you detect and respond to threats sooner.

4. Incredible Flexibility

Change is now the norm in today’s business environment, and flexibility is a crucial asset. You need the ability to scale up IT in response to market forces or organizational needs. Combining flash storage with a software-defined architecture means new storage nodes can be brought online or taken offline as needed. This kind of seamless scalability allows you to quickly add or shift resources without additional expense or disruption, because storage capacity is not limited by the capabilities of a legacy rack’s disk storage controller.

5. PCM Is Here to Help

No matter if you’re upgrading your storage technology incrementally, or fully transitioning your data center to an all-flash environment, PCM has the expertise to help you create exactly the right mix of storage for your business. As a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Platinum Partner and recipient of the 2017 SMB Partner of the Year award, you can be confident we’re the best choice to help you implement the HPE 3PAR StoreServ storage solutions, strengthened by Intel®, featuring the advanced analytics of the Nimble Storage Predictive Cloud Platform.

Call us today at (800) 700-1000 or visit us at to learn how the HPE 3PAR StoreServ flash solutions, strengthened by Intel®, can give you the right mix for a productive tomorrow.

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