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Jul 10, 2018


Maxwell Hodge is an independent legal company, founded in Liverpool in 1934. The firm has grown rapidly since its establishment and now operates nine different branches across Merseyside and The Wirral. The organisation employs 73 people and specialises in all areas of law. 

Customer: Maxwell Hodge Solicitors

Industry: Legal 

Requirement: ITaaS - IT as a Service 

Establishing A Relationship 

In 1999 Maxwell Hodge identified the need to expand its use of Information Technology. For this, they needed a reliable and knowledgeable IT supplier. Upon their initial meeting with Stack – A PCM Company, Maxwell Hodge were impressed with the technical knowledge and expertise held within the company, as well as the willingness and openness of the Directors to invest time when explaining complex solutions. However, Stack did not win their initial bid to provide internet services, as a cheaper option was available at the time. A number of months later, a further need was identified. After being so impressed with Managing Directors Jeff Orr and Steve Cobham, Maxwell Hodge did not hesitate in getting back in touch and awarded Stack – A PCM Company, the contract for server set up across the organisation. This was to be the start of a business relationship which has lasted 17 years and counting….

Implementing IT in the Modern Legal Environment 

Over the 17 years, the legal industry has seen a growing number of challenges. Competition has increased and there has been a sharp rise in the demands made by regulatory bodies. Added to this, in 2013, the company became Limited. This meant that existing account and case management systems needed to be digitised. Maxwell Hodge looked to new technologies to reduce costs and remain competitive, as well as to protect data in order to stay compliant. To do this, Stack - A PCM Company, have worked with Maxwell Hodge to provide a fully managed IT infrastructure solution – vSTAX® Core.

vSTAX Core in the Legal Sector

vSTAX Core allows you to rapidly deploy a robust, agile and scalable computing environment. Secure and resilient, it allows customers to concentrate on running their business without the need to maintain an underlying IT infrastructure. At Maxwell Hodge, vSTAX® Core has included: 

• The provision of a fully managed physical IT environment, housed remotely, which allows all Maxwell Hodge users connect to a centrally hosted network from the nine different sites via MPLS connection. 

• Secure data backup via The Cloud. This ensures that data is backed, compressed, de-duplicated and secured with AES256 encryption before it is sent to one of our vaults for storage. Data is replicated to a remote secondary vault for added resilience. 

• A comprehensive IT security solution, including end-point protection, from Kaspersky Labs. 

• Workplace recovery at our 40 seat recovery suite. 

• Customised IT support for the business 

Results and Benefits 

The quality and range of services have resulted in a number of benefits for Maxwell Hodge: 

• Within the legal sector, high availability is critical to business. Without access to their computing environment, almost all business functions would come to a halt. The robust and reliable infrastructure provided by Stack – A PCM Company, has resulted in only 1.5 hours of downtime in the past 17 years, allowing Maxwell Hodge to deliver the best client experience possible through its technology platform. 

• By providing a managed service, Maxwell Hodge are not required to maintain any equipment on site, allowing them to reduce expenditure and focus on running their business. 

• Because Maxwell Hodge receive full IT support from Stack - A PCM Company, there is no need for in house IT management, which streamlines operations and reduces staffing budgets. 

• As an ISO27001 and ISO9001 accredited provider, Stack have ensured that Maxwell Hodge fully comply with The Law Society Standard of Excellence (LEXCEL) in relation to data protection and storage. 

• Our ISO accreditations have also resulted in Maxwell Hodge paying a lower insurance premium, which has again resulted in a cost saving.

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