Glasgow Science Centre

Jul 12, 2018


From its iconic site at the Clyde Waterfront, Glasgow Science Centre (GSC) is one of Scotland’s top attractions and a vital national resource for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education. 

Gillian Lang, Deputy Director of Glasgow Science Centre, said: “At Glasgow Science Centre, we aim to inspire every-one to explore the world around them and understand the relevance to their lives to science.”


Following a full site audit, Provista, A PCM Company was asked to tender for Local Area Network (LAN) and Wire-less LAN. 

The goal was to create a user-friendly, fully integrated and ‘future-proof’ system for use by both visitors to the centre as well as staff, replacing vastly outdated technologies. The centre engaged with Cisco, which recommended its Meraki suite of products along with a number of trusted partner businesses that could deliver the desired out-comes. A further potential requirement was to provide the GSC with video conferencing technologies of a sufficient quality to stream conversations with experts from around the world. 


The suggested fix was for the GSC to embrace Cloud Net-working where both the LAN & WLAN can be managed from a single feature rich dashboard accessible from any computer using a standard web browser. Provista, A PCM Company also recommended Cisco collaboration technologies for a new video conferencing setup. This crucially would enable the centre to host video conferencing and contacts from around the world – potentially streaming from oil rigs to rainforests, or even the international space station. 

Provista, A PCM Company also enabled their Cloud video solution which means that the external connection could link with the GSC video conferencing across a range of systems, rather than being reliant on Cisco technology at both ends. This vastly increases the practicality of the solution. 

Customer Feedback 

Gillian Lang, Deputy Director of Glasgow Science Centre, said: “It (Provista’s solution) allows us to bring experts into the building that can enthuse about their careers “ ”So through that we can jump straight to, for instance, on an oil rig and talk to the engineer that does a similar type problem, then come back into the room at Glasgow Science Centre and explain the relevance of what they’re doing in the activity to what that engineer is doing on the platform”. 

Craig Rooney, Audio Visual IT Manager Glasgow Science Centre, said: “Cisco had recommend Provista as the technological partner for this kind of installation. They provided the expertise in the network, video conferencing, the building in of Wi-Fi to deliver it, the installation supply, and overall delivery of the project. They knew their stuff from the minute they got here, we got that instant confidence from them from those initial meetings that they could deliver exactly what we were requiring”. 

Business Benefits 

Provista, A PCM Company delivered a highly cost-effective solution, featuring state of the art technology. As a result, it has been estimated that the centre could run this solution for at least seven years without requiring any significant upgrades. Beyond the clear and previously detailed benefits in terms of education, this technology enables the GSC to offer its unique and captivating setting as a conference facility, opening up a new and potentially lucrative revenue stream. 

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