Disaster Recovery as a Service for Broadstone Corporate Benefits Ltd powered by vSTAX Recover

Jul 10, 2018


Broadstone are experts in pensions, investments and employee benefit services. The team provide clear, concise and comprehensive advice to medium sized businesses and enterprises throughout the UK. Broadstone have a workforce of 280 employees across five different locations - London, Manchester, Sheffield, Nottingham and Falkirk.

Customer: Broadstone

Industry: Financial Services

Requirement: Disaster Recovery Solution

Effective Disaster Recovery for Broadstone 

When reviewing business continuity and disaster recovery arrangements, Broadstone identified the need to improve their Disaster Recovery (DR) capability. The business wanted to establish a clear Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO), and be able to demonstrate to auditors that RPO & RTO times could be achieved. Additionally, Broadstone wanted to initiate failover testing without disrupting production.

To support Broadstone in meeting their needs, Stack – A PCM Company, proposed three options:

  • Option 1 - Purchase of new infrastructure 
  • Option 2 - Implement a Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) via Stack’s UK based datacentres
  • Option 3 – A complete outsourced Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) incorporating Disaster Recovery and Cloud Backup.

Attracted by the benefits of a low cost and flexible managed service, Broadstone chose to implement DRaaS in partnership with Stack – A PCM Company.

Implementing the Solution

Stack – A PCM Company, provided Broadstone with a totally managed Disaster Recovery solution. This included replicating business critical data from 34 virtual machines to a secondary site and employing Zerto journaling as the replication method. A total of 21TB of storage was allocated, with an additional 4.2TB provisioned for future expansion. DRaaS test days were scheduled for once per quarter, with Broadstone able to initiate the tests as required via the use of the VMware SRM and Zerto Management Consoles. The RPO and RTO times were set at 2 hours or under. The secondary site facilitated for Broadstone was connected via Layer 2 circuit. This secondary site comprised of highly resilient EMC N+1 block storage, with 24 x 7 x 365 availability and ISO:27001 & ISO:9001 accreditation. Installation of the DRaaS was non-disruptive and did not require any downtime. Full administrator training to use the relevant management consoles necessary to test and run failover procedures was provided to key IT staff.

Results and Benefits

Meeting the Needs of The Business

By delivering a bespoke disaster recovery service, Stack – A PCM Company - have provided Broadstone with a solution which meets their critical business needs. In addition to this, the solution has played a key part in helping Broadstone to achieve GDPR compliance. The reputation of the business has also been enhanced, as customer and auditor confidence has soared since the implementation of a robust Disaster Recovery Solution.

Cost Saving 

By using a managed service, Broadstone were able to avoid initial CapEx when implementing their new solution. The managed service model provided by Stack removes the onus from the business on spending to build and maintain infrastructure. 

Flexible and Expandable

DRaaS is both flexible and expandable. If data usage expands, the DRaaS solution can easily scale to meet any additional requirements. 

Affordability and Cost Management

Of all of the solutions put forward, the “As-A-Service” model provided the lowest cost option. The fixed cost pricing model enhanced transparency and allowed for better cost management, as there is one fixed cost each month.



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