Digby Brown Solicitors

Jul 12, 2018


Digby Brown is an award winning personal injury firm with seven offices in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee, Kirkcaldy, Inverness, Aberdeen and Ayr. IT systems are crucial to Digby Brown and currently there is investment with Provista, A PCM Company to modernise their systems including Network Infrastructure, Unified Communications and Security with key components being located in Data Centres. 


Organisation was planning to upgrade and deploy a new core business application for their case management system. This is a business critical technology for the legal firm, which will be used to host its core business processes, client data, online portal, and run its information analytics, hence is pivotal to the firm’s delivery of its excellent client service. 


After evaluating requirements Provista, A PCM Company proposed the Cisco HyperFlex Systems solution to the organisation. The new Hyper-converged Flash solution from Cisco supports a broad range of applications and workloads in the data center, remote locations, and edge - computing environments. Security, resilience and disaster recovery were all extremely important aspects as the organisation deals with sensitive client data on a daily basis and it is essential to keep it secure and reliable. This was one of the reasons Provista, A PCM Company data centre specialists opted against the all cloud solution and recommended the Hyperflex solution as most suitable for the firm’s needs and requirements. 

Provista, A PCM Company ’s solution delivered the highly available and scalable infrastructure, this solution will not only support the new case management system but also provide a platform that will allow Digby Brown to migrate all applications to the data centre in the future. In addition to supporting the proposed case management system within the data centre, Cisco Hyperflex Data Centre Solution will have capacity to host additional applications. This will allow a strategic migration over time for all infrastructure, servers and applications, from the existing infrastructure. 

Customer Feedback 

Graeme Agnew, Director of IT for Digby Brown said that “Choosing the Cisco Hyperflex solution, and implementing it as a private cloud solution, will allow Digby Brown to improve both its agility and efficiency of its IT across the firm. This in turn, will provide benefits around technology simplification and scale. Choosing Provista as one of the key Cisco partners in Scotland to undertake and operate this technology for us augments the Cisco infrastructure with the 24/7 knowledge and support to ensure it is dependable”. 

Business Benefits 

Hyperflex solution is fast to deploy, simple to manage, easy to scale, and ready to provide a unified pool of resources to power applications as business needs dictate. These benefits made the Hyperflex solution easy and quick to deploy without a lengthy business disruption. 

By deploying Cisco Hyperflex solution organisation benefit-ed from: 

• Single point management - easy to manage for the firm’s staff as well as for Provista engineers if re-quired 

• Adaptive infrastructure - flexibility to scale if necessary 

• Future proof solution that will allow organisation to migrate servers and applications to the cloud without large future investments 


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