Bath and North East Somerset Council Powered by vSTAX Protect

Jul 10, 2018

Case Study Bath and North East Somerset Council Powered by vSTAX Protect

Overview Bath and North East Somerset Council offers schools a secure, online backup service to ensure that crucial school management information and documentation is securely retained for a minimum of 60 days. This service forms part of a portfolio of services which they offer to schools in the area. The council currently support approximately 70 schools, a majority of which provide primary education.

Customer: Bath and North East Somerset Council

Industry: Education Requirement: Cloud Backup


Today, information is at the heart of every school - with access to information being critical to the success of both staff and pupils. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for data and information to be lost, which has a significant impact on everybody in the school community. Traditional back up methods such as tape and disk are increasingly unreliable, which is why the council had already implemented a cloud backup solution. When this solution was timed for renewal, council regulations stated that the service was to be subject to a procurement exercise in order to find the most cost effective way to backup data, whilst still operating within a strict set of specifications.


Because of the expiry of a previous contract, Bath and North East Somerset Council sought to establish a relationship with a cloud service provider who could deliver a cost-effective online backup service for its schools. Due to data protection and security issues, Bath and North East Somerset Council required a service which met or exceeded a strict set of specifications:

• ISO9001 and ISO27001 accreditation.

• Fully compliant with the Data Protection Act (DPA).

• Service availability of 98%.

• A total capacity of 5 TB - with individual schools being able to select the size of their back up package from a range of 50GB, 100 GB, 150 GB, 200 GB, 250 GB or 300GB.

• The provision of a minimum of two geographically separated datacentres, which reside within the EU. • Data encryption when in transit and at rest.

• A central management console, so that the Council ICT support team can monitor school backups, initiate school backups and restore school data where necessary.

• UK based support - 24/7/365. • A 60-day data retention service.

• The service must fully support the backup of all core Capita school’s products, including SIMS, FMS and SIMS Discover.

Cost Effective Data Backup with vSTAX Protect

vSTAX Protect from Stack – A PCM Company, delivers fast, efficient and secure offsite cloud backup and recovery. It is an enterprise grade, fully automated, scalable and reliable cloud backup solution, which uses best of breed technologies. Data is backed, compressed and de-duplicated, before being secured with AES256 encryption. It is then sent to one of our vaults, held within our UK datacentres, and replicated to a secondary datacentre for resilience. By choosing vSTAX Protect, Bath and North East Somerset Council were able to implement a cost effective solution for their schools to use, which was flexible, secure and reliable. By working with Stack – A PCM Company, The Council feel that they are paying the best possible price for the right quality of service.

Results and Benefits

Cost Saving: The main aim of the project is to save costs and improve efficiency. By using our pay-as-you go pricing model, the council have been able to roll-out a cost efficient service, to ensure that schools in the region were getting great value for money.

Flexibility: Previously, schools were given a fixed amount of data storage which was set to 30GB. With the implementation of vSTAX Protect, the schools now have more flexibility and can be assigned a storage block which is appropriate to their needs. What’s more, if a school pulls out of the service, a storage block can easily be assigned to another school, meaning that this solution is much more efficient and easy to work with.

Due Diligence: By ensuring that the vSTAX Protect service meets all due diligence requirements, the council are confident that they can offer schools a service which they know meets all of their requirements. vSTAX Protect meets a wide range of security and privacy requirements, is ISO9001/27001 accredited and is fully compliant with the Data Protection Act.

Fast Roll Out: With the expiry date of the previous system fast approaching, the council had limited time to carry out an in-depth tender process in order to choose a supplier. School holidays added to the time pressures as establishments were shut down over the Easter period. This led to an extremely challenging timescale for implementation and roll-out. Stack – A PCM Company rose to the challenge, with Stack Engineers remotely implementing vSTAX Protect within the allotted timeframe.

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