Requests to Access your Personal Data

Given that all Data Subjects (as defined under the General Data Protection Regulation and regulations thereunder, each as amended or replaced from time to time (collectively, the “Data Protection Laws”)) have the right to review, correct, delete, export, or restrict processing of their Personal Data (as defined under the Data Protection Laws) upon their request, PCM Technology Solutions UK, Ltd (“PCM UK” or “we” or “us” or “our”) has implemented appropriate measures designed to respond to each Data Subject’s requests to review, correct, erase, or restrict processing of their Personal Data. Please review PCM UK’s Privacy Notice for further details to about what Personal Data PCM UK collects from you.

All requests for access to your Personal Data and general data protection complaints must be provided to PCM UK via email at We will need to authenticate your identity before we can proceed with your request to access to your Personal Data. It is our policy, following validation of your identification details, to provide information on the action we have taken on your request without undue delay and, in any event, within one month of receipt of the request.

We will ask that you to provide the following minimum information should you wish to expedite a response to your request. We will use this information for authenticating your identity only.

Your Affiliation with PCMFrom MM/YY to MM/YY
Type of relationshipEmployee (current / past)Customer (current/past)Supplier (current/past)
Identification detailsEmployee Contract and 2 additional documents, for example, offer letter, NDA document, copy of paystub, any other documentation provided to you by PCM UK Customer Number and any 2 additional documents, for example, Signed Credit Application, VAT number, copy of Purchase order provided to PCM UK Supplier Registration Number and any 2 additional documents, for example, VAT registration number, Supplier contract with PCM

Special Consideration

We cannot give you access to Personal Data that we do not have, that would require us to disclose Personal Data concerning another individual without their consent, or that we otherwise cannot disclose under applicable law. There are legal restrictions in certain cases where we are prohibited from providing you with certain Personal Data even if we can authenticate your identity. We reserve the right to refuse to provide you access to your Personal Data where we are not legally required to do so, in which case we will advise you of the reasons for doing so and of the name of a person who can answer any further questions you may have as to why we have not permitted you to access your Personal Data.